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Trusted Housesitters posts more house sits per month than any other site. When you’re trying to judge how good a house sitting site is, the number of house sitting opportunities it has is probably the single most useful factor in assessing that site.

This is especially useful if you’re new to house sitting and don’t have many references yet. If this is you, you may find that in the beginning the best approach is to apply for a lot of different house sits and just see which ones you get accepted for. Once you have a bit of experience under your belt you won’t need to adopt this strategy as much but in the beginning, it’s probably the best way to get about things.

Since Trusted Housesitters posts the most house sitting opportunities, it makes sense to join this site particularly if you’re planning on house sitting in Europe (particularly the UK, France and Spain), Australia and the US where it has a lot of house sitting opportunities


Trusted Housesitters has two different membership options for people who want to house sit. Each option is paid up-front.

3 Month Membership 12 Month Membership
$71.94 ($23.99 per month) $95.88 ($7.99 per month)

Generally it makes more financial sense to go with the 12 month option, even if you’re just testing the waters with Trusted Housesitters as there’s less than a twenty dollar price difference.

Getting one house sitting assignment, even if it’s just for a few days, and the membership pays for itself.

How likely is Trusted Housesitters to work out for you? Well,  according to a 2013 survey of their members, 75% of sitters who 1) had filled out their profile and 2) had at least one reference, managed to secure 1-5 house sits within their first 3-6 months of joining.


  • Fill out your profile (i.e. answer all of the questions and write a good overview of yourself)
  • Include at least one photo (although as many as possible is better)
  • Get at least one reference (references for pet sitting are better but it is possible to add character, employment and landlord references with Trusted Housesitters)

And you stand a very good chance of getting a house sit.

How does it compare?

$96 is more expensive than most other house sitting sites, however for that price you do get access to more house sitting opportunities than any other site.

Site Annual Cost
Trusted Housesitters $96
Housecarers $50
Mind My House $20
Nomador $89
House Sit Match $55-$150



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