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In terms of number of house sits, MindMyHouse is usually listed as one of the top three house sitting sites. Since its launch in 2005, MindMyHouse has built up a good reputation within the house sitting community and continues to attract interest from homeowners and sitters alike, as well as maintain its position within the ranking of top house sitting sites.

At $20 a year, it’s also the cheapest house sitting site to join and for the annual price it offers a very decent number of monthly house sitting opportunities. As such its a popular site within the house sitting community and many sitters sign up to MindMyHouse alongside one of the other main house sitting sites in order to maximise the number of opportunities available to them.

* Getting an accurate idea of how many house sits MindMyHouse has can be quite difficult. When trying to get this information from MindMyHouse we noticed that some of the house sits listed had already been filled but were not marked as such.


MindMyHouse charges $20 per year for their house sitter membership plan. This is the cheapest house sitting membership plan available.

12 Month Membership
$20 ($1.66 per month)

How does it compare?

Site House Sits Found in Feb 2015 Annual Cost
Trusted Housesitters 1308 $96
Housecarers 270 $50
Mind My House 132* $20
Nomador 79 $89
Caretaker Jobs 28 $29
Luxury House Sitting 19 $25
House Sit Match 14 $55-$150



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