House Sitting Websites Compared

Quick Comparison

Site Annual Cost Website
Trusted Housesitters $96
Housecarers $50
Mind My House $20
Nomador $89
House Sit Match $55-$150
Caretaker Jobs $29
Luxury House Sitting $25

Trusted HousesittersTrusted Housesitters screenshot

Trusted Housesitters is the largest of the house sitting sites posting roughly 3-4 times as many house sits as the next site (there are usually 1,000 – 1,5000 house sitting opportunities available).

Trusted Housesitters is a good site to be a member of but it’s important to be aware that house sits tend to get snapped up pretty quickly so you need to apply for a house sit as quickly as possible. Regular users of Trusted Housesitters who’ve written for this site recommend that you apply for a house sit within the first 24-48 hours of it going live, otherwise the house sit is likely to be filled (or the homeowner is going to have reached the stage where they’re only considering applications from the first people that applied).

How it compares:

+ More house sits than any other site (at least 3-4 times as many as the next site).
+ Lots of house sits in locations where hotels are expensive (e.g. UK, Australia, USA, Canada etc)
+ Great system for getting references (and including them in your profile)
+ Trusted Housesitters is constantly improving the site and finding new homeowners to list their homes.

- More expensive than most other sites.

Price: $96 per year | Website:

Housecarershousecarers screenshot

Housecarers is one of the longest running house sitting sites (since 2000). It tends to mainly have house sits in Australia and the US but it’s not limited to those countries and there are always quite a few from the rest of the world as well.

How it compares:

+ Lots of house sits in Australia and the US.
+ When searching for house sits it’s easy to filter by the length of assignment you’re looking for (e.g. 1 week, 2 months etc)

- Design is clunky and it can often be difficult to use (although things have improved quite a bit over the past few years).

Price: $50 per year | Website:


Given the extremely low membership cost, this site is always popular. As it’s only $20 a year, many house sitters join this site and one other (usually Trusted Housesitters or Housecarers) to increase the number of opportunities available to them.

How it compares:

+ Extremely low membership cost per year.
+ Pretty design.
+ Nice messaging system.

- Old assignments often aren’t marked as filled.
- A lot of homeowners select ‘variable dates’ rather than giving specific dates or even rough dates of when the house sit is.

Price: $20 per year | Website:

Nomadornomador screenshot

Launched in 2014, Nomador is a promising new house sitting website that’s gradually making a name for itself, particularly in France where it has a lot of house sitting opportunities.

How it compares:

+ Nice design
+ Good number of house sits in France

- Difficult to get the true number of house sits (i.e. those not already filled).

Price: $89 per year | Website:

House Sit Matchhousesitmatch screenshot is a newcomer to the house sitting scene. Initially the site focused on house sits in the UK and Australia but now there tends to be house sits from quite a few other locations as well, particularly Spain.

How it compares:

+ Is doing quite well for a new site.
- Membership expensive given the number of house sits.

Price: starting from £35 (around $55) per year and going up to £95 (around $150) | Website:


Caretaker Jobs


Mainly caretaker jobs, which are not quite the same as house sitting. Most of the positions are in the US.

Price: $29 |Website:

Luxury House Sittingluxury house sitting screenshot

A handful of house sitting jobs, usually most assignments are in the US.

How it compares:

+ Good for finding house sits in the US.

- Very few house sits overall.

Price: $25 | Website:

Sites Not Included in this comparison

Caretaker Gazette

You have to be a member of Caretaker Gazette to see their caretaker adverts. As we weren’t, we weren’t able to get an accurate number of how many house sits/caretaking jobs the site has on a monthly basis.

We did speak to Caretaker Gazette owner Gary Dunn, who came back to us and said “we publish 1,000 – 2,000 rent-free living opportunities for our subscribers each year.” So roughly, 80-160 opportunities per month.

Country-Specific Sites

As we just focused on sites that post house sits from all over the world, the following sites were left out as they each only posted house sits from one country.

Australian Sites:

Aussie House Sitters
Happy House Sitters
Easy House Sitting
Australian House Sitters
House Sitters Australia

UK Sites:
House Sitters UK

New Zealand Sites:

USA Sites:

House Sitters America


We also didn’t include the few Christian house sitting sites there are on the web as this was a bit more niche. You can find more information about there here.


How many sites should I join?

It depends on how much house sitting you’re planning on doing. If you’re planning on house sitting full-time you’ll probably end up joining several, although you might just start with one in the beginning.

Which site is the best value for money?

Usually the one with the most house sitting opportunities. House sitters, especially those just starting out, often have to apply for several house sits in order to get accepted for one. Joining a site with a lot of opportunities to apply for gives you a much better chance of kick-starting your house sitting ‘career’.